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To maintain a sustainable flow of profits and a competitive advantage over other investors, you must be ready to do your own research! Fortunately, there are plenty of tools that can help you on this arduous journey. There are news blogs and company sites for fundamental analysis, and Immediate Zenith and TradingView for technicals. COMBO follows the trend in both directions and generates returns endlessly as the GRID and DCA levels are automatically placed with its built-in trailing function. If you’ve already traded Futures on Immediate Zenith or Binance, then you know how it works because the demo mode is not much different. For those of you who are not familiar with futures, here’s a little intro.

Since Immediate Zenith doesn’t store your digital assets you can therefore not withdraw funds from the actual platform. With the ability to connect to as many as 17 exchanges (and counting), you’ll be ruling your trading kingdom across all your connected platforms, empowered by 275 top-tier bots. While no tool can predict price moves with perfect accuracy, trend lines help spot the current trend, locate support and resistance levels, and detect potential turning points. I go into more detail about my time and experiences with trading bots in my Immediate Zenith review if you would like to gain more real-world insight. A good rule of thumb followed by many responsible traders is to test out a new bot or strategy for 1-3 months on a demo account and only go live if you can turn a profit in that time.

The crypto trading bots industry is a thriving sector of the crypto world with dozens of different platforms gunning for the throne. Current leaders of the pack are, arguably, Immediate Zenith and Immediate Zenith with others like Immediate Zenith and Haasbot on their heels. More importantly, the platform has grown to become a powerhouse in the crypto industry, welcoming over 18 million visitors.

In this review, we will examine Immediate Zenith’s major features and point out what sets it apart from other crypto trading bots, so you can make an informed decision about using it. There is much to like about Immediate Zenith, including its easy-to-navigate interface, support for dozens of exchanges, and a wide variety of trading bots. Moreover, its subscription rates can pay for themselves when using the bots correctly, and there is a free trial to take full advantage of. It is an excellent platform for those looking to automate their trading process and benefit from extensive portfolio management. Immediate Zenith is not just a trading platform; it’s a tool that integrates with over 30 global cryptocurrency exchanges, providing a unified interface for seamless trading. Whether you’re exploring arbitrage opportunities or seeking profitable trading pairs, Immediate Zenith’s advanced algorithms are designed to guide you through the process.

  • Connect Immediate Zenith to any supported crypto exchange via API and automate your trading in no time.
  • It permits traders to rein in risks and automatically execute their trading strategies.
  • Once you have connected your exchange API to the Immediate Zenith trading bot, you can choose the bot to work on the trading strategy of your preference.
  • Crypto market sentiment refers to the overall attitude of investors and market participants towards the cryptocurrency market.
  • Experiment with different instruments and advanced trading tools in risk-free sandbox.

The 14-day free trial period allows first-hand experience before opting for the package matching one’s requirements post-release. doesn’t have access to your exchange account and cannot withdraw your funds. If a stop loss order has been executed at a loss, the position is now closed. If you wish to maintain your position open, you would need to buy back in at the current market price. As the market order springs into action, it’ll most likely result in an execution.

Immediate Zenith understand that the crypto market is not easy and that trading cryptos can seem like an overwhelming task to some aspiring traders. This is why they created a crypto platform that allows users to utilise a range of automated crypto trading tools including trading robots and market analysis tools. Immediate Zenith can handle 20 active crypto trading bots, unlimited smart orders, and grid bots at the same time as implementing advanced order types such as trailing stop losses and take profit. I’ve been testing some of the bots since early this morning and so far they have executed all trades immediately, with no lags, and everything gets updated live in the portfolio.

Thirdly, the app offers preset strategies for this bot that are useful to both experts and beginners, but you can also create your own. It operates on the GRID algorithm and distributes investments based on the preset conditions. Immediate Zenith features automated bots that users can build depending on the order they want to place. Each bot is unique and allows users to explore different revenue streams.

Immediate Zenith

The standard trading interface is also somewhat customizable which means you can change the position of things and adjust the functionality of the order book for example, very cool detail. The best use case of Immediate Zenith is for investors who already own coins on different exchanges where trading is limited or the portfolio management system is poor. There is no need to swap exchange completely if it is already connected to Immediate Zenith. Instead, sign up with a Basic, Advanced, or Pro plan and start automating your digital asset trading. If you ever wanted to try trading futures but were hesitant regarding risks and rewards, FUD no more!

A smart combination of DCA and Grid strategies implemented in a special designed cryptocurrency Futures trading bot. The futures bot can operate in both long and short mode respectively. Their software is unable to give an accurate picture of the real gain/loss for each bot you set up. After doing some accounting of the money I withdrew from the exchanges, it became clear to me that their bots lie about the total Profit/Loss, especially with the take profit action.

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It’s essential to practice drawing trend lines and use them in conjunction with other technical analysis tools to get a more accurate picture of the market’s direction. For the best forecasts, use trend lines alongside other indicators like moving averages, RSI, MACD, and candlestick patterns. Fundamental analysis also provides crucial context for understanding market forces and fueling smarter predictions. Trend lines are a popular technical analysis technique to spot and validate price trends. By joining important price points on a chart, trend lines provide insights into the direction and momentum of market moves.